Safety Instructions

  1. Apply electric parking brake

The high voltage system (HV) is automatically deactivated in the event of accidents triggering the airbags.

Method I
if start/stop button and 12V battery available

  1. Press the start/stop button if drive is active (switch shines blue).
  2. If possible, remove the vehicle key. (>5m from veh.)
  1. Remove the 12 volt battery covers in the luggage compartment and disconnect battery

Method II
if start/stop button and service plug not available

  1. Locate side pocket in luggage compartment on left and open

  1. Disconnect marked cable by means of double cut (yellow rescue worker label)

Method III
if luggage compartment not available

  1. Remove insert in central armrest upwards
  1. Expose HV maintenance plug
  1. Remove HV maintenance plug
    1. press to the side
    2. pull up plug

Note: If the 12 volt battery cannot be disconnected, the veh. restraint systems may be active!